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Allow me to introduce myself as Mike Thomas, a "Calculated Creative" with a flair for transforming cool ideas into exceptional solutions. Picture a product designer who wields both analytical thinking and creative problem-solving with equal finesse, much like a "Swiss Army Knife" ready to tackle any challenge in the realm of design.

My journey has taken me through diverse landscapes of the industry, from lifestyle and tech to media, education, sustainability, and health and wellness. Each experience only reinforced my belief that the harmonious blend of function and form creates delightful outcomes. This passion for integrating multimedia expertise with UX/UI principles has opened doors to captivating website designs, apps, digital content, and impactful physical marketing strategies.

My scope of work encompasses the entire process from developing strategies to actualizing the final vision of the product. I excel in various stages of product design, including conceptualization, strategy development, visual design, and iterative refinement. My tasks involve ideating and strategy, conducting user interviews to gather feedback, managing the consistency of design elements, and continuously improving user interfaces. I tackle each challenge with dedication and a positive attitude.

Away from the drawing board, you can find me riding the waves, clocking miles on a run, spending quality time with my family, or delving into the world of healthy behaviors. With every adventure, I draw inspiration for the next groundbreaking design that awaits me.

Slater Designs Brand of the Year
How have you personally helped companies you’ve worked for, departments, or clients?

I have personally helped companies, departments, and clients by leveraging my unique blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to develop innovative and user-friendly solutions.

My diverse background in product design with past experiences in graphic design, video production, and brand strategy has allowed me to contribute effectively across different sectors and projects.

Mike Thomas Product Designer Public Speaking
What’s one thing not in your job description that relates to why you’re so successful?

I'm always exploring new design techniques and seeking ways to improve my skillsets as a whole. For instance, I’ve been a part of Toastmasters for several years to help sharpen the axe of public speaking. This proactive approach helps me stay in front of people to make sure I'm working on my communication skills.

Mike Thomas Product Designer | Calculated Creative
Why do you do what you do? What do you believe about your field that drives you to do the work you do each day?

I do what I do because I genuinely believe that exceptional design can transform user experiences and create a lasting impact. My passion for striking the perfect balance between function and form drives me to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver innovative solutions in the field of product design each day.